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International flowers delivery

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International flowers delivery

UA-Flowers.com - International flower delivery UA-Flowers.com operates in the flower delivery market since 2003. Since that time over 100,000 deliveries were completes. We will deliver Your flowers to any part of the world and the recipient will get unforgettable emotions.

Just imagine, now you can congratulate Your relatives, loved ones and dear people staying with them in different countries.

How flower and gifts delivery performed in the world.

Sometimes we have questions about how we deliver flowers, if the order abroad. Whether we are taking it out of our Kyiv office? In order to keep flowers fresh, they are formed directly in delivery city, in the nearest flowers shop. Years of experience and accumulated base florists can make the prices available for delivery, and the time of delivery as fast as possible.

Delivery terms

Now we can offer the same day delivery. Of course, it is better to order flowers and gifts in advance, because there is a difference in time and other objective factors that hinder such terms of delivery. We recommend to perform the checkout process not later than 2 days prior to delivery.

Delivery countries

We deliver Your orders to 80 countries around the world. It is a button that allows you to choose the city of delivery for convenient use. The site presents all the cities where we perform guaranteed delivery . If you do not find your desired city, please contact our operators in any convenient way for you and the opportunity to clarify.

Order checkout

Before placing Your order, You must choose a city for delivery. After that, You will see the prices and available bouquets. Please note that shipping charges are presented separately. After that, You need to complete a form and pay for the order.

Last orders were delivered to the following cities:

Kagul, Balti, Kutaisi, Severoural\\\\\\\'sk, Rotterdam, Navoiy, Tveriya, Moscow-Tsaritsyno, Malorita, Sergiev Posad, Seattle, Portland, Aktau, Ulan Bator, Jakarta, Zeneva, Magadan, Potsdam, Moscow-Tekstilschiki, Porto, Pjatigorsk, Canterbury, Andizhan, Vitebsk, Karlsruhe, Manchester, Moscow - Losinoostrovsky, Szekszard, Pusan, Kopejsk